Swan.pw : SwanOnThePond Recordings

Our label's music usually does not conform strictly to typical genre definitions but usually encompasses a range such as: Classical-Electronic, 20th Century classical, Alternative, Rock, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Soundtrack, and more.

You are welcome to contact us, send your support via purchase as well listen to some of the swanonthepond music and audio catalogue, currently on bandcamp: swanonthepond.bandcamp.com

Alternative preview and info page, catalogue on our musical works with streaming and downloadable preview quality one-files: song.swan.pw

Alternatively, those interested can also contact us or order our albums via email direct, as well as for any soundtrack or media licensing inquiry:

SwanOnThePond Recordings (S.O.T.P., swanonthepond) welcomes both music enthusiasts who appreciate traditional full-length designed albums and media experiences, exploratory or unconventional audio recording as well as fellow musicians, performers of all disciplines, creatives and filmmakers potential for collaboration or use.