20. AUGUST 2021: We are presently releasing special editions of 13 albums, a consolidated library catalogue of Eltamin Pegase, ETICO, and S.O.T.P. works digitally on mass streaming and digital stores as CHEMIN ROUTE.

Our new page at this address will be up this weekend with more details, tracklists, covers and more...

SwanOnThePond Recordings: Classical-Electronic, Ambient, Synth Music

Eltamin Pegase, S.O.T.P., Etico, CHEMIN ROUTE etc.

Swanonthepond Recordings, aka swanonthepond, is an audio recording studio, label and sound library of art, ambient, and contemporary classical or instrumental music, featuring projects such as Eltamin Pegase, S.O.T.P., ETICO and CHEMIN ROUTE.