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  • a record label offering digital and limited run physical media, currently vending musical works of Rob Willow, and potentially other catalogue works in future or via interest direct.
  • an ecletic blog, with various album and article profiles spanning a multitude of styles, most often in the realms of rock, classical, jazz, metal, electronic, ambient, avante-garde, experimental and instrumental.


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    Current artists in distribution:

    • Rob Willow was born in April 1974 and is a musician/composer from the United States with a background in classical, metal, rock and alternative. His unusual new work points to 21st Century classical but spans multiple eras including modern ambient synths. He is an avid listener of many areas or categories of music from the aforementioned as well as his main interests in writing on film, jazz and other contemporary art music and 20th century classical or experimental musical works---some of which you can read on swan.pw as an active contributor in word and sound.
    • If you are seeking to contact or commission Rob, you are welcome to send an email here and it will reach him.

    Artists, Projects with releases in our back catalogue

    ETICO/Chemin Route (B.McHale; Willow); Citizen (C. Polgar)/Worm & Smoke; Eltamin Pegase (Willow); S.O.T.P. are some our other past and main projects and releases. These were released under the SwanOnThePond Recordings label for the most part.


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