We have an easy, human process for all sales for single instance customers, regular patrons and customer service/support, all flexible, human and using a simple email address.

We are vending direct with email access/manual activation to albums. For any patrons or customers, when you order or donate, we will of course have a record of your email and will simply set it as your username on swan.pw and email you a password authorizing you access to our online files repository for any album(s).

* The additional benefit of this method: There will be no other data stored, transmitted or collected (such as in a database or 3rd-party), guaranteeing your privacy and security as well as super-easy instant access anytime on our site to the albums, while our site is online and beyond your initial download.


(1) One-time customers: Place order from our secure paypal processing form, then email us, noting our email address also located on form. Tell us what album(s) you are interested, so we can quickly authorize your payment email. Expect access usually same day, or 24-48 hours, checking your email for confirmation and password.

(2) One-time customers: You can also email ahead of any order or patron request and gain confirmation. After we get email notice from paypal, we'll authorize your email and password soon after.

Our secure paypal form + support address are both on this page: ORDER/CONTACT


We recommend $3-7 USD per album. You are welcome to pay more, such as traditional album prices, as you see fit. However we want to be flexible for those who cannot afford or wish to order multiple albums to pay what they are comfortable with. Also for those who wish to be a patron, meaning larger sum to support our site and artists, per their preference, or even monthly, the options are all there. The short answer: pay what you are comfortable and to some rational minimum to help support and motivate our output, site and artists.

Lastly, if you wish to just tip or donate, if you enjoy the music reviews and site in general to keep hosting alive, you can do this anytime through the same one-all form. If you wish to order an album, make sure you email us direct and let us know what album(s) you wish access.


Afterwards, your albums can be downloaded via the 'access' link on site,


We use a triple encrypted email service, that stores all messages at-rest, meaning on server. To ensure customer respect and privacy.

* If you wish to change email and/or password, just email.

Inquiries can be forwarded via the address revealed by clicking on our tip/support link.

  • Our albums are proffered on a voluntary donation or payment basis --- whatever you can afford. We recommend though at least a few bucks per album, which is sensible and 'minimally' respectful. All proceeds go towards: artists; site hosting; towards potential production of limited run media.
  • If you wish buy/support/donate: feel welcome to either email or purchase via our secure paypal form and communicate, mentioning your email, what album(s) your interested in, and we will able to facilitate access to our private in-house direct repository on this website. Email is always at your disposal.
  • Digital albums are currently vended direct with access granted to our files section for customers or patrons. Email required. It shall be agreed and understood that availability and access of our online file repository is based and subject purely to our discretion beyond a short-term period and initial exchange soon after purchase. But we do plan on hosting this site for a while to come providing a very easy, instant access repository. We are thus vending direct for practical purposes and will usually respond same day or within 48 hours unless a notice is posted on homepage if absent for any time period.
  • Physical media, when available and listed on-site, is first-come, first-serve and tendered manually via paypal invoice.